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Walters portrait in black and white ABOUT WALTER HERBISON
Since 1980, Walter has spent hundreds of hours counseling as a Sports Performance Consultant. Hes worked with all ages: from youth league to high school, from college to pro ball. Hes combined a wealth of information from his varied career along with his intense interest in people the way they think and behave and why to devise a counseling method based in simplicity. This simplicity is the strength of its success.

Yet he gives credit to Almighty God for the insights hes gained into the mental, psychological, physical and, yes, the spiritual makeup of the human race. He gives thanks to God for the unprecedented and unparalleled success his methods have gained in sports circles.

Walter is available for individual and team counseling in baseball and other sports, speaking engagements, and clinics. To learn more about Walter and the teams he has worked with, please click to Walter's biography page.
Click here to learn more about Walter Herbison.
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