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This is the same picture as back of book with caption added MORE ABOUT WALTER HERBISON
Walter Herbison has been a successful businessman, elected official, marriage and family counselor, and sports performance consultant.

He consulted with Mississippi State Baseball from 1988-1992, the Atlanta Braves in 1990, LSU in 1991 and 2000, the Detroit Tigers and Chicago Cubs organizations and many other amateur and professional teams. Nationally, he has consulted with many players individually -- from youth leagues to Major Leagues.

In 1990, he wrote a book entitled Mental Advantages for Baseball Excellence which has been extremely popular. Long after the book went out of print, Herbison was still receiving requests for copies.

Over the years of working with players, he felt the need to update and enlarge upon the original writing, bringing more depth to his first edition. The result was this new revised edition which includes a dynamic, motiva-
tional audio-CD.

Herbison states, "I believe the mental principles are so powerful because they are scripturally based. Thus, my analysis of why the results are so incredible."

Walter resides in Ridgeland, Mississippi, with his wife, Laura.
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