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Skip Bertman

LSU Coach - 5 National Championships
Walter has been a great asset as a consultant with our L.S.U. Baseball team. This invaluable contribution plus our use of his effective mental techniques, assisted our team considerably in winning the National Championship in 2000.

His methods, which he labels “quick fix”, are proficient in effecting immediate performance turnaround in hitting, pitching and fielding. Walter did a great job with our pitching staff, which was struggling badly before he assisted us in 2000. After only one weekend of Walter’s help our pitchers performed remarkably the rest of the regular season, throughout regional play, and the College World Series. We won our final thirteen games.

Walter also worked with several of our players with success in 1991, when we won the National title for the first time. Our team began to use his 1st edition book "The Mental Advantage for Baseball Excellence" in 1991.

I highly recommend Walter as a Sports Performance Consultant. His mental methods, as outlined in his book, can be very powerful in producing positive results, not only in sports, but life in general.
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From 1988 through 1992, while I was Head Coach for Mississippi State, Walter Herbison worked with our baseball team and had immediate and sustained results with many of our players.

The mental aspect of sports, often neglected, is a critical element for peak performance. Walter has had many years of almost unbelievable successes in the mental coaching of athletes at all levels, including professional.

He has proven an uncanny ability to correct pitcher’s control problems and dramatically improve pitch quality. He is adept at keeping hitters, pitchers, and defensive players relaxed, confident, focused, and productive.

In His book "Head Games: The Mental Advantage for Baseball Excellence" are the effective positive mental programming and on the field techniques which Walter developed and uses so efficiently. His approach is holistic and has benefited athletes and coaches in several sports.

I am pleased and privileged to highly recommend this book to athletes, coaches, parents, and fans.
Ron Polk
Winningest Coach in SEC History

Head Coach at Mississippi State
Ron Polk
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